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  Lesson Packages -Tailored For You!    

At Desert Home Music, we understand that everyone has different needs and no two students' situations are the same. Whether you want regular weekly lessons, a single coaching or anything in between, we have a package for you! And be sure to inquire about our "travel add-on" if you'd like us to teach your lessons in your own home instead of at our studio!
Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Every child matures at a different rate, and we at Desert Home want to make sure that they are ready to succeed! In this 15 minute mini-lesson and assessment, we will meet your child and do a couple of fun musical activities to determine whether s/he is ready to begin lessons, and what will be the best approach for them! 

We recommend an assessment for any new student under the age of 7. If your child is under 7 but has taken lessons previously, the assessment will probably not be required.

$15 for a 15 minute mini-lesson

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