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 About  Us

Desert Home Music School is the passion project of Adam Jones and Julia Pinckney Jones.

With over 30 years of combined teaching and performing experi-ence between them, throughout Canada and the US, Adam and Julia are thrilled to make Tucson, Arizona their "desert home," and continue to inspire their students to develop a  love of music to last a lifetime. 

Julia and Adam Playing Jazz
The First Note


Adam and Julia met when they were both living in Vancouver, British Columbia. They married in 2013, and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2015. After successfully forming "Between the Lines" Music School in Portland, they moved to Tucson to live in the sunshine, and their teaching practice became Desert Home Music School.

Teach In Harmony


Every student is different. We all have individual learning styles and each of us has unique needs and goals in our musical journey. 

At Desert Home Music School, we strive to target our teaching to meet those unique needs and goals, allowing every person to learn their own way.

The Future Sounds Good


As we grow, we look forward to offering our students many opportunities to perform, jam and play together. 

Tucson offers great opportunities to be a part of the local arts scene, and we are excited to expand our offerings to meet the needs of this diverse, developing community. 

Julia Pinckney Jones    

Canadian-born singer and actor Julia Pinckney Jones has spent a lifetime honing the skills she teaches. She studied piano, voice, and Musical Theatre in Western Canada, and spent years touring with musical theater, light opera companies and bands of many different genres, which has taught her as much about technique as all her years of training! She performs regularly as well as teaching and coaching musicians of all ages and experience levels!

As the fourth generation of music teachers in her family, she is inspired by their wisdom in her teaching, integrating traditional and modern techniques to provide her students with all the tools they need to become versatile, enthusiastic performers.  

Our Teachers

Adam Jones

Adam Jones defies categorization. Composer, arranger, soloist and section leader bassist for the West Coast and Prince George Symphonies in British Columbia, bassist for alt-country band Rollaway (now the Benton Roark Band), jazz quartet JPJQ, and innumerable other bands in every possible genre.

Adam is a gifted instructor, connecting with his students on their own level, discovering their unique challenges and skills and individually designs a curriculum to bring out the best in each student. In addition to his work with Desert Home, Adam also teaches Orchestra and Guitar at Flowing Wells High School and Orchestra at Walter Douglas Elementary!


What People Are Saying

Lessons with Julia is my daughter's favorite part of the week. She is an amazing teacher!


My grandson has just started guitar lessons with Adam. I am so impressed with how engaged and patient Adam is with an 8 year old! My grandson loves going there and likes to practice what he has learned. We're hooked!


I've really enjoyed my lessons. Julia's easy going and very attentive to my cautiousness about singing in front of people. Very happy with the lessons and with Julia's help!


Adam is doing such a great job with showing me the basics. I know absolutely nothing about guitar and he seems to know exactly how to get me going. He's super encouraging and you can tell he REALLY knows this stuff. Can't wait for my next lesson!


Adam is an excellent music instructor!  Always easy going and flexible, he creates an environment for students to enjoy music and succeed in reaching their goals.


Julia got right down to work after getting the download of what I was looking to do. Despite a musical background, this was my first voice lesson, and she adapted it beautifully to my specific needs.


Excellent teacher who can easily relate. As an adult learner and a beginning piano student, he has excellent patience and has a knack for motivating you!


We are very happy with Julia's teaching of piano to our young daughter. Julia deftly adapted her instruction to accommodate our daughter's interactivity level. Thank you, Julia


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