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  Lesson Packages -Tailored For You!    

At Desert Home Music, we understand that everyone has different needs and no two students' situations are the same. Whether you want regular weekly lessons, a single coaching or anything in between, we have a package for you! And be sure to inquire about our "travel add-on" if you'd like us to teach your lessons in your own home instead of at our studio!
Let us save you!

Let us save you!

Sometimes you just need one good coaching to get you ready for a specific goal. At Desert Home Music, we understand, and we can help! Whether it's an audition you need to prepare for, a rehearsal you need help leading, or a song you want to learn to impress that special someone, we're there for you! 

Our Musical Emergency Package gives you a single session with one of our instructors, who will work with you to achieve your short term goal. (If you have more lead time, try our Introductory Package!)

60 minute coaching = $60 | 90 minute coaching = $75

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