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  Lesson Packages -Tailored For You!    

At Desert Home Music, we understand that everyone has different needs and no two students' situations are the same. Whether you want regular weekly lessons, a single coaching or anything in between, we have a package for you! And be sure to inquire about our "travel add-on" if you'd like us to teach your lessons in your own home instead of at our studio!
In-Home Lessons

In-Home Lessons

Desert Home Music is happy to offer the convenience of both online and in-home lessons, in addition to (or as a supplementary option for) our in-studio lessons. 

Any paid lesson (with your teacher's approval) can be taught as an online lesson (we generally use Zoom), which is a great option for inclement weather or if the student is ill enough to stay home, but still wants to keep up! Substituting online lessons doesn't add any charge to your lesson package, and can be used more or less interchangeably with in-studio lessons.

If you prefer lessons in your home instead of in ours, that's okay too! Desert Home Music will charge an $8-$10 per-round-trip travel add-on (So if you have more than one student at your address, you only pay the charge once per visit!) which can be added to your initial package or, for the occasional in-home lesson, paid at the lesson by cash, check, or debit/credit.

$10/lesson for Oro Valley, Marana and NW Tucson | $15/lesson for the rest of Metro Tucson

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