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  Lesson Packages -Tailored For You!    

At Desert Home Music, we understand that everyone has different needs and no two students' situations are the same. Whether you want regular weekly lessons, a single coaching or anything in between, we have a package for you! And be sure to inquire about our "travel add-on" if you'd like us to teach your lessons in your own home instead of at our studio!
Easy Monthly Terms!

Easy Monthly Terms!

Never have to worry about whether you still have lessons left! Our monthly plans are our most economical option, and they guarantee that you will retain your reserved lesson time! We accept postdated checks or a recurring charge on your credit card on the 1st of the month, so you can rest assured that your account will always be current.

Your monthly tuition stays the same whether there are 3,4, or 5 lesson weeks in a month, and every student will have at least 44 lesson weeks a year!

We do not charge a registration fee or taxes, and if your plans change and you need to withdraw from lessons, we only require 1 full month's notice for cancellation of your plan.

Monthly Rates:
Weekly 30 Minute Lesson = $125/mo
Weekly 45 Minute Lesson = $150/mo
Weekly 60 Minute Lesson = $175/mo

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