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Winter Recital Coming Soon! (and Winter Break)

Our winter recital will be live on Zoom on Saturday, December 11th, at 2:30pm MST (Arizona Time). We have 19 students participating this year (which is a record for us so thanks so much for being a part of the Desert Home Music Family!

As usual, we will be editing the final video (tightening up any pauses, cutting out any unnecessary blathering in between numbers, etc, and then posting the video on Desert Home Music's YouTube Channel (so if you missed it, you'll still have a chance to watch! My goal is to have the video uploaded by December 19th, so you can even watch it before Christmas!

Speaking of December 19th, we are going to be taking Christmas Break off from teaching (which is noted in the calendar you should have in your binder) so there will be no lessons during that time. These weeks off are considered when setting our tuition, so there is no change to the tuition amount for December. We thank you, as always, for allowing us to have a work/life balance and enjoy our family time over the holidays!

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