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Spring Newsletter is Here!

Hi All!

Remember that spring break is next week (Mar 15-21), so there will be no lessons! For those students with lessons on the weekend, be sure to contact your teacher about which weekend you will have a lesson, (double check the time and day as well)!

For those students in different timezones than Arizona - I do know that we're headed into the "daylight saving time shuffle" - I think I've spoken to everyone whose lessons have to change because of the shift, so the likelihood is that if I haven't mentioned it, your lesson will stay the same time for you. But sometimes I can be forgetful, so double check with me if you have any concerns!

I also sent out the spring newsletter by email earlier this week, (or you can see it on Facebook) but I'm going to attach it here as well! It includes the date for our Spring Recital, as well as more info about Desert Home Music's new YouTube channel!

Have a great week!


Spring Newsletter 2021
Download PDF • 10.06MB

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