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Spring Music Party Online!

Again, I can't thank you all enough for continuing to support us through... well, all of this! You are amazing and I'm proud to know all of you!

Online lessons are going remarkably well, which is a testament to all of you - being willing to plunge into the world of online learning with us. I look forward to seeing all of you every week (some of you are even taking advantage of the extra lessons, so I get to work with you more often than that... my days are full and I'm happy!

Even though there has been talk about loosening some of the restrictions that have been placed on us in the last little while, we've decided that the most responsible thing is to follow through with our plans to move the spring recital online. As always, you are welcome to sign in and join in the fun, whether or not you're going to perform. Part of what we're doing here is creating a community of musicians, and you're all welcome!

We will, of course, let you know more as we get closer, but for now, think about what you'd like to play or sing at the party, and we'll talk about it at your regular lessons, so be sure to write down any questions you have so you don't forget to ask!

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