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"Return To The Studio" - our plan

As I write this, Tucson area schools are gearing up to start some sort of "hybrid model" to return to the classroom. While in my earlier post "When Can We Come Back?" I stated that we would start to reopen when schools did, I imagined a reopening scenario when the kids were all back in school full time, rather than trying to figure out what a "hybrid model" would look like for me, and for Desert Home (which, as you know, also doubles as my home!)

However, I'm now feeling as though we, the parents, students, and teachers at Desert Home, can start having conversations about when, if, and how we will return to the studio and to in-person lessons. I'm reasonably confident that instrumental lessons will be comparatively easy to manage, but I still have concerns about the safety and advisability of in-person voice lessons, especially since a not-insignificant portion of my voice studio are in higher risk groups. 

I've come up with some protocols for a return to face-to-face lessons, which I'm posting below. These are minimum requirements if you wish to come to the studio. If you don't feel like this is the right time for you to come back, I absolutely respect your decision, and I'm more than happy to continue lessons online, just as we've been doing since March. I am absolutely content to continue as we've been doing, but I did feel like it was time to begin the discussion about what it would take to feel good about returning.

... And just to be clear, I do want this to be a conversation. So if you have any questions, suggestions or anything you'd like me to know, please do reach out by phone, email, text, during your Zoom lesson, or in any other way! I look forward to speaking with you!

(PS. You will see on the "Voice Lessons" page a reference to "Singers' Masks" - I'm currently experimenting with the "Room to Breathe" mask and think it's a great design. If you want to return, you will need to purchase one, but I can make the order for you if you want (I have a discount code that I can use to save us 15%!))

Stay Healthy, Happy, and Keep Making Music!


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