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It's Christmas Time Already!?!?!

The Year Has Been Fun...

It's amazing how the time flies! It seems like minutes ago that we were getting this business up and running, and we're already halfway through another year of teaching (of course we, as music teachers, tend to consider the academic "year" as our business year).

We're so glad to have gotten to know so many great students and parents, and so lucky to have maintained a relationship with some of them who've followed us, via Skype lessons, from our old home in the Pacific Northwest to Arizona, where it is a bit chilly today by Northwest standards (which translates to "blisteringly cold - you'll definitely need a puffy coat" here in AZ, but also to "Hokey Smokes, what a gorgeous day - I can wear my flipflops" back where I come from in Canada!)

The Carols are Sung...

I'm a giant fan of the whole holiday season... and while most of my collection of Christmas decor is still in storage in Oregon, I've made as much of an oasis of Winter Wonderland in Arizona as possible - I've even made use of that "canned snow" stuff that we were so perplexed by, growing up in Canada!

I've enjoyed singing carols and classic holiday hits with all my students this year, and have found some great "easy piano" arrangements for the little ones learning to tinkle the ivories. I'm also delighted to have found a few Channukah songs to expand my offerings, and love to hear about all my diverse students' different holiday traditions!

What holiday traditions mean the most to your family?

Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Share them with me!

The Baking is Done...

Back when I started teaching music lessons, my very first advertising flier included, as one of the reasons to take voice lessons: "Your singing teacher makes awesome cookies!" To be honest, almost every person who called about the ad mentioned that line!

I do make pretty awesome cookies, and I don't mind sharing, and I've even started making some pretty amazing squares and other treats! So, as you're busy eating all your own holiday goodies, keep in mind that I completely lost control on the "Christmas Baking" front this year - especially since we're only expecting to have 4 people at home on Christmas Day - so be prepared to be offered some treats when you come for your in-studio lessons well into January! (Or later... seriously... the baking got WAY out of hand.)

What treat (sweet or savory) really makes you feel like it's a holiday?

The Stockings are Hung...

Because we had to ship all our extended family's presents across the continent this year (hopefully a family Christmas in Arizona might be in our future, but not quite yet!) I actually got most of our shopping done really early... but I know that isn't completely normal!

I know that there are lots of people who haven't finished their shopping yet, and we at Desert Home Music would love to help out! Contact us to purchase a gift certificate - and give the gift of music to someone you love... or put it under the tree for yourself!

We are still accepting new students, and you can get a Desert Home Gift Certificate in any dollar amount, or you can purchase anything from a single lesson to an ongoing monthly subscription!

I will send you a personalized, printable gift certificate connecting you with one of our teachers, and we can get started whenever you like! (Or, if you're in the neighborhood, you can swing by and pick up one that I print for you on cardstock.)

People tend to have strong feelings about holiday shopping one way or another. Do you love it? Hate it? Like it better now that you can pretty much get everything online?

With Love and Best Wishes to Everyone!

From all of us at Desert Home Music, all the best for the holiday season - may your tables be full of delicious food, may your winter break be relaxing, may your children get along, may your pets not wreck your decorations, and may your homes ring with song...

... now, tomorrow, and all your life long!

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