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Desert Home Music... Now With Art!

You know how some people just seem to be able to do everything? They can write, play music, draw, do math, fix stuff, cook... I'm sure you know some of those people. I'm married to one. It's... disconcerting. Listen, I know I'm super lucky. But sometimes I wonder, "Seriously... is there anything you're not good at?" (As far as my dear husband (and business partner) goes, apparently he draws the line at baking. Which, since I love baking and tend towards the unhealthily competitive, is probably good for our relationship.)

Anyway, I'm definitely NOT one of those people. I'm good at the stuff I'm good at (singing, teaching, grammar/spelling, cookies and (I hope) writing blog posts), but a polymath I'm not. So when it comes to doing the web design for our pages, I am forever in the debt of whoever started Wix and Canva. Give me a template and I can design all the webpages! But coming up with visual content on my own? Not so much.

Which is where my amazingly talented inlaws come in. Adam's dad, James S Jones, is an astoundingly talented watercolorist, and when we mentioned that we'd decided on Desert Home Music as our business name, he came through with all the gorgeous watercolors you can see on the website. I can't thank him enough for sharing all of this beautiful work!

These images are such a beautiful representation of not just the view from our newly adopted home, but of the emotions that this landscape bring out in me. I love them and am so honored to have them grace our webpage.

If you enjoy Jim's work and are interested in owning some for yourself, please contact me and I'll put you in touch.

Again, Jim, thank you so much!

Your cookies are in the mail.

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