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The Joyce Pinckney Memorial Scholarship    

What Do I Need to Apply?

From You:

  • Fill in the form below

  • Joyce was a champion of personal expression and creativity, so we want to encourage you to use yours in your application. You can submit an essay, poem, song, story, video, a visual chart or anything else you can think of, as long as you include the following:

    • Your name, age and contact information​

    • Some information about you as a person

    • Tell us why you want/need private music lessons

    • Tell us why you want/need this scholarship

    • Something that made you proud OR what music means to you OR some of your goals (for music or life!)

From Someone Else:

  • We require at least one referral letter from someone unrelated to you who would like to see you awarded this scholarship. You can include the letter with your submission or they can upload it themselves, or send it to us directly by email or post.

  • Ideally, this letter would be from your school's band/choir/ orchestra/drama teacher. If you don't have any of those, here are some other options:

    • Another teacher at your school​

    • A performing arts teacher from somewhere else (camp, community center, etc)

    • A music leader from your church, community or neighborhood.

    • Any other adult who knows you well and is not a relative.

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