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At Desert Home Music, we understand that everyone has different needs and no two students' situations are the same. Whether you want regular weekly lessons, a single coaching or anything in between, we have a package for you! And be sure to inquire about our "travel add-on" if you'd like us to teach your lessons in your own home instead of at our studio!

Give Us a Try!

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Desert Home Music's Introductory Package is unique in Tucson! We offer this no commitment option for your first 6 lessons to give you the chance to get to know us and our teaching style without needing to give up any banking information or sign any long term contracts. Give us 6 weeks to prove to you that we're the best option for you... and if you decide within that time to switch to our convenient monthly payment plan, we'll apply the rest of your paid lessons to save you money on your first month!


You will receive 6 weekly lessons, access to our supplementary programming, and a reserved time in our schedule that is yours and yours alone! 


6 x 30 min lessons = $210 ($35/lesson)

6 x 45 min lessons = $240 ($40/lesson)

6 x 60 min lessons = $270 ($45/lesson)

Easy Monthly Terms!

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Never have to worry about whether you still have lessons left! Our monthly plans are our most economical option, and they guarantee that you will retain your reserved lesson time! We accept postdated checks or a recurring charge on your credit card on the 1st of the month, so you can rest assured that your account will always be current.

We do not charge a registration fee or taxes, and if your plans change and you need to withdraw from lessons, we only require 1 full month's notice for cancellation of your plan.

Monthly Rates:

Weekly 30 Minute Lesson = $120/mo

Weekly 45 Minute Lesson = $140/mo

Weekly 60 Minute Lesson = $160/mo

We CAN fit into your schedule!

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The biggest barrier to adults taking music lessons is scheduling. Life is busy and complex, and it's sometimes hard to set aside the same time every week for a lesson. That's why we've developed this, our most flexible option. 

Your package includes 5 lessons, which you can use however you want. Take a lesson every week, if you want, on different days and at different times. Or spread them out, or have us attend a rehearsal with you. Maybe once in a while you need a Skype lesson, or an in-home lesson if you can't make it to our studio? No problem, with the A la Carte Package

Any time our schedule is open, we can teach you!


5 x 30 minute lessons = $150 ($40/lesson)

5 x 45 minute lessons = $225 ($45/lesson)

5 x 60 minute lessons = $250 ($50/lesson)

Let us save you!

$70 for 90 minutes

Sometimes you just need one good coaching to get you ready for a specific goal. At Desert Home Music, we understand, and we can help! Whether it's an audition you need to prepare for, a rehearsal you need help leading, or a song you want to learn to impress that special someone, we're there for you! 

Our Musical Emergency Package gives you one 90 minute session for $70 with one of our instructors, who will work with you to achieve your short term goal. (If you have more lead time, try our Introductory or A la Carte Packages!)

In-Home Lessons

$8 travel charge

Desert Home Music is happy to offer the convenience of both online and in-home lessons, in addition to (or as a supplementary option for) our in-studio lessons. 

Any paid lesson (with your teacher's approval) can be taught as an online lesson (we generally use Skype), which is a great option for inclement weather or if the student is ill enough to stay home, but still wants to keep up! Substituting online lessons doesn't add any charge to your lesson package, and can be used more or less interchangeably with in-studio lessons.

If you prefer lessons in your home instead of in ours, that's okay too! Desert Home Music will charge an $8-per-round-trip travel add-on (So if you have more than one student at your address, you only pay the charge once per visit!) which can be added to your initial package or, for the occasional in-home lesson, paid at the lesson by cash, check, or debit/credit.

Be sure your child will get the most out of lessons!

15.00 for 15 minutes

Every child matures at a different rate, and we at Desert Home want to make sure that they are ready to succeed! In this 15 minute mini-lesson and assessment, we will meet your child and do a couple of fun musical activities to determine whether s/he is ready to begin lessons, and what will be the best approach for them! 

We recommend an assessment for any new student under the age of 7. If your child is under 7 but has taken lessons previously, the assessment will probably not be required.

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